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Charlie, Mike, Max and Tariku about to depart on 3 day trip from Henderson Bridge on the Allagash Wilderness waterway on September 4.

Mike and Tariku paddling the Allagash in September,

Max and Charlie also paddling the Allagash Wilderness wateray in September, we had awesome weather!!!

Canoing out into Round Pond on Allagash Wilderness Waterway.
Cooking Breakfast on the fire at Inlet Campsite on Round Pond.
2 Locomotives that were used to move logs in the Chamberlain Lake area in the 1920's.
Charlie W shot this nice female coyote at 6:30 PM on 2/25/15
Shot this 36 pound Coyote 1/22 at 5:25 AM after watching a bobcat on the bait off and on all night!
Ken Lull shot this nice Tom on May 4th at 6:02 AM, we had turkeys gobbling all around us, had 3 jakes come charging the decoys 10 min prior to Tom coming to see what all the fuss was!
Here we go, not very far south of Grand Lake Matagammon on the East Branch of Penobscot river.
Canoeing the East Branch; Shanon and Todd
Camp at Ox Bow.    Scott, Beech, Kevin, Bud, Larry, and Todd. (Left to Right)
Running Stair falls on East Branch; Larry and Jeanne
More of Stair falls; Shannon and Todd
An interesting shape the woodpecker made here. Found it while scouting Bowline falls.
Running Bowline falls, East Branch.
Lining down at Grand Pitch Falls to shorten the Portage,
Camp at Grand Pitch, again, on the East Branch. with Kevin Slater, Larry and Jeanne, Paul and Beech!
A view from the bottom of Grand Pitch Falls, which we portaged around!!!