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Guided Canoe Trips on Rivers and Rapids

We offer a variety of canoe trips on some of the most beautiful rivers and waterways in the great north woods! The Allagash Wilderness area in Maine is a fabulous location for 4 to 8 day trips that include flat paddling as well as white water and include outstanding views, wildlife viewing, and fishing. All of our trips are suited for paddlers of all ages and skill levels. Many campsites are located along the way and each one is unique and special in its own way.  Many of these campsites have been used for centuries by traders, trappers and Indians. There is plenty of opportunity for wildlife viewing. In fact, it is rare to go a whole day without a sighting of moose or deer. Often a large bull moose will be too busy eating weeds from the river bottom to bother with your presence, and you may spend virtually unlimited time observing and photographing these impressive animals as they emerge for a breath and a leisurely look your way. Other common wildlife sightings include bald eagles, osprey, loons and duck families.

The trip will start with a safety orientation, and a discussion of the group’s needs in regards to learning basic canoeing technique. If necessary we will spend time before setting out, for beginners to learn strokes for flatwater canoeing. Once on the water we will take time to learn and review more advanced skills for reading and navigating whitewater.  As always, safety is the highest priority. Try to schedule a trip for as long as possible. It usually takes a day or two to relax and settle in to the rhythm of the trip. One of the greatest memories may well be how fast everyday life seems when you return from a trip in the remote areas we'll access! Our goal is to lead you back to a time when life was simpler. Take one of our Maine River Guided canoe tours and see what you've been missing!!

Allagash Canoe Trips

The Allagash Wilderness Waterway is truly a jewel of the North Maine Woods.

The Allagash Wilderness Waterway offers one of the best opportunities in the country for an extended canoeing and camping experience. It will give you all kinds of scenery, history, and chances to see wildlife, as well as a chance to do some spectacular fishing in the early or late season. We put in at Indian Stream and line out to Eagle Lake, then camp at one of many campsites on Eagle Lake. We’ll stop and see the tramway and old locomotives hidden in the woods after being left when they were through with them. The following 6 days will be spent paddling on some of the most beautiful remote areas in Maine on lakes and the Allagash River, and stopping at other scenic and historic sites along the way. There are lots of wildlife for viewing, and it is rare to go a day without having seen at least one moose. Often, they will be too busy eating and drinking to be bothered by our presence. Other wildlife includes deer, osprey, bald eagles, duck and geese families, loon, and even, although very rare, a bear sighting. There is white water, up to class 2, and lots of class 1. All the paddling on this trip can be done by anyone, whether experienced or not without difficulty.

When in camp, you will be free to go fishing, just sit by the fire, take a nap in your tent, or even go out and paddle some more, and maybe see more moose, deer, or birds that may be out on the edges of the lakes and river while the meal is being prepared. Some people even make friends with some of the semi-tame camp bunnies which are at quite a few of the campsites along the way. Many of these camp sites have been used for centuries by traders, trappers, and Indians. 

Meals are generous and nutritious and include a hearty meal at camp for dinner and breakfast. We also provide lunch during a mid-day rest stop and snacks along the way.


All you need to bring with you is personal gear, sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. We have a list of what clothing you should have. We provide everything else after you arrive in Millinocket Maine. All food, tents, and gear are provided beyond your personal belongings. You are welcome to bring along personal snacks as well.

Sunset at Five Fingers Brook campsite in September.

Dawn at Five Fingers Brook South in September! About 45 degrees!!! Brisk, but oh so nice!

The 2 locomotives that were used in the 1920's to move logs in the Chamberlain Lake area.
Momma and baby Moose, didn't seem to mind our presence very much!!
Camp at Chisholm Brook campsite after running Chase rapids in the rain, drying out and getting ready for dinner.
Your guides on the Saco River in April, we woke up with frost on our sleeping bags!!!(no tent) We just slept right by the fire all night! FUN!
Baked potatoes and Moose steaks on the grill cooking for dinner, again, in April on the Saco River!
Saco River, looking back up rapids after running down through them.

Androscogin River Trip in NH

An awesome introduction to white water canoeing! We meet you the first afternoon at Pontook Dam and pick you and your gear up. We stay that first night at Mollidgwock State Park campgound where you can swim, fish, or paddle around. The First morning, we have a big breakfast and head out on the river for some paddling and white water. We will travel to 7 Islands bridge and meet the shuttle to take us back, and you can run the rapids and the river again. After Lunch its your choice, either run to 7 Islands again, go up to Errol Dam and run down to the campsight(Class 2+ rapids likely), or hang around and fish, swim, etc. The last morning we have a big breakfast again before setting back out with our gear and paddle to the Pontook Dam, where your vehicle(s) are parked. We get out of the river at approx 2 PM. Lots of history and artifacts from the log run days of old along the route.

Some of the historic relics left behind by the log run era on the river.

Cranberry Picking Canoe trip 1/2 day

In October, the wild cranberries in the area become ripe. We have found one bog that is huge, and you have to get to it by boat, so we go out with canoes. Anybody can paddle this trip. There are a few obstacles in the river on the way out, but that's it, and we are very likely to see ducks, geese, and beaver, as well as maybe even an otter while paddling out through the State Forest! You can pick wild, un-cultivated, non-pesticide, wild cranberries and go home with enough for a year and /or even make cranberry juice for yourself! We are out for about 4-5 hours. The paddle out is about 1/2 hour. You can keep all the cranberries you want to pick, and you can have what the guide will pick too while there.